Monster Nessie

After designing and making a few hundred of my Nessmuk knife I began to get inquiries about a larger version.  I had some scrap 3″ wide 5160 carbon steel laying around and decided to see “How Much Nessmuk” I could get out of it.  The results?  The Monster Nessie (wordplay on Loch Ness Monster).  I made a few prototypes and sent them out for testing.  What an amazing chopper.  Heavy enough in the blade for cleaving, thin enough grind for slicing.  I think half my Monster Nessie buyers use theirs in the kitchen as well as outdoors.  The Monster Nessie got a very nice write up in Tactical Knives by Tim Stetzer.  You can read about it here:


Blade Specs:

I make this knife from 2 different steels: 5160 carbon steel and 3V carbon steel.  Both are the toughest in their class, but 3V is in a class all its own.

8.5″ of 3V steel, hardened to 58 HRc, 0.268″ thick, Flat grind, “As-Forged” finish on flats, satin-finish on grind, spine rounded at handle front

Handle Specs:

5.5″ long, made from 1/4″ thick handle material, aluminum corby pin and lanyard tube
All synthetic handles (Micarta, G10, etc) are heavily sandblasted for a super grippy better-when-wet finish
All natural materials are handsanded to 600 grit and then handrubbed with Briwax


Base model = $245 for 5160 steel, $395 for 3V steel

Handle Options:

Natural Canvas Micarta (included in Base Price)
Black Canvas Micarta (included in Base Price)
Green Canvas Micarta = adds $30
Orange G10 = adds $40
Blue G10 = adds $40
Red G10 = adds $40
Blue/Black G10 = adds $50
Black/Tan G10 = adds $50
Cocobolo = adds $50
Arizona Desert Ironwood = adds $120

Add $10 for liners (specify red, black, blue, green, white or yellow)

Sheath Options:

All leather sheaths by Butch Hagedorn

Pouch – deep carry = $95
Quickdraw = $125
Dual-Carry (Horiz & Vert carry) = $125

Black leather adds $40
Tooling adds $20-40


Photo Gallery:



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