I have been on a quest for a true Every-Day-Carry (Every-Duty-Capable) knife that is a fixed blade instead of a folding knife.  For years I carried folding knives – from a Damascus Classic Large Sebenza to a Spyderco Micro Dyad, from a Zero Tolerance ZT302 to a Swiss Army Knife and everything in between.  While I was happy with their looks and basic functionality, I was never satisfied with how they performed at truly challenging every-day tasks.  I didn’t like using folding knives around food because stuff would get inside the handle, or it might junk up the blade if it’s carbon or damascus steel.  I didn’t like always having to fold and unfold knives over and over again just to use them for a couple seconds (I actually made sheaths specifically for carrying my folding knives in the open position to avoid this – with mixed results).  I also didn’t like how the lock *could* fail if pushed too hard…and I ended up using even my toughest folders more gently than I would a similar sized fixed blade.  On the other hand, carrying a fixed blade came with it’s own difficulties.  It presents a much larger presence in a sheath on your belt, is typically heavier…and if you skimp on size to save weight, you end up with an undersized, three-finger handle and/or a shortened blade.

So, that’s how this quest began.  And what you see below is my answer to this problem:  How to EDC (Every-Day-Carry) a Fixed Blade

Here’s my solution – you be judge.

1 – a full tang for strength, but it has been drilled out to save weight.
2 – a hollow grind allows for thicker bar stock – these are made from 0.220″ thick 3V. Maximum strength with very little weight added.
3 – a full sized handle measuring 4.5″ long
4 – palm swell and contouring in the handle allows for 3/8″ thick handle materials – fuller grip
5 – “Legal Length” blades – a 3″ blade EDC is 3″ or less no matter how you measure it. (available in 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″)
6 – satin finish on the blade and flats – easy to restore with a scotchbrite pad – something everybody already has
7 – handle fronts are tapered to make going in/out of a sheath smooth and easy.
8 – bird’s beak designed into the handle butt so the knife can ride deeper in a sheath and provide a more secure grip

Blade Specs:

3V steel – blade length of your choice = 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″ or 5″, Hardened to 60-61 HRc, 0.22″ thick, Hollow grind, Brushed finish on flats, satin-finish on grind, guard, thumbgrooves, spine rounded at handle front, swedge (not a sharpenable edge or even a false edge)

Handle Specs:

4.5″ long, made from 3/8″ thick handle material; aluminum corby pin and lanyard tube; contouring and palm swell, handles are the same size regardless of blade length
All synthetic handles (Micarta, G10, etc) are heavily sandblasted for a super grippy better-when-wet finish
All natural materials are handsanded to 600 grit and then handrubbed with Briwax
Handle fronts are tapered to allow easy entry/exit in sheaths.

Pricing: (includes sheath)

$220 for the 3″
$235 for 3.5″
$250 for 4″
$265 for 4.5″
$280 for 5″

Handle material upgrades:

Natural Canvas Micarta – included in base price
Black Canvas Micarta – included in base price
Green Canvas Micarta = add $10
Black G10 = add $15
Red G10 = add $20
Orange G10 = add $20—new!
Black/Blue G10 = add $20
Black/Tan G10 = add $20
Ironwood = add $80 —new!

Add $10 for Brass pin/tube option

Add $10 for liners (specify red, black, blue, green, white or yellow)

Sheath Options:

Dual-Carry JRE leather sheath (shown above) – no charge
Kydex with TekLok (pancake style) – no charge
Drop-Loop Kydex – adds $10
Leather-Pouch by Butch Hagedorn = adds $10
Leather-Horiz by Butch Hagedorn = adds $30

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