This knife began as an exploration into how to create a custom handmade version of the ever popular and practical Mora Knife (in the Puukko style). I solicited customers and buschraft users on what they would want if they could improve on this design. My Bushcraft knife is the result of that process.

The most significant improvement was the addition of a small but noticeable guard that still allowed the edge to come right up to the handle. Another improvement was a full tang handle with pins and a lanyard tube. In keeping true to the original, the blade is ground with a “Scandinavian Grind” or “Scandi Grind” for short. This is a zero-edge-bevel, meaning there is no secondary micro bevel. When you sharpen it, you lay the entire bevel down on the stone.

Only the best materials are used to create this knife. The highest performing carbon steel available today is 3V. It is tougher than O1 and 5160. It is easier to sharpen than D2 or S30V. It can withstand batoning without chipping. I make it from 0.140″ thick material so that it is thick enough to baton, yet thin enough to be lightweight and slice well. The profile is a drop point to make drilling, scoring and notching easy, yet allow enough belly for carving work. The spine is squared off so you can strike a firesteel with it, and rounded off near the handle for comfort. Thumbgrooves on the spine make for a secure grip and will also throw an enormous spark when used with a firesteel.

You will be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck than this knife.


Blade Specs:

4″ of 3V steel, hardened to 59-60 HRc, 01.40″ thick, “Scandi” grind, Brushed finish on flats, satin-finish on grind, small guard, thumbgrooves, spine rounded at handle front

Handle Specs:

4.5″ long, made from 3/8″ thick handle material, aluminum corby pin and lanyard tube
All synthetic handles (Micarta, G10, etc) are heavily sandblasted for a super-grippy-even-when-wet finish
All natural materials are handsanded to 600 grit and then handrubbed with Briwax


Base model = $255

Steel Options:

3V with Scandi Grind
3V with Flat Grind (adds $30)

Handle Options:

  • Natural Canvas Micarta (included in Base Price)
  • Black Canvas Micarta (included in Base Price)
  • Green Canvas Micarta = adds $10
  • Black G10 = adds $20
  • Orange G10 = adds $20
  • Blue G10 = adds $20
  • Red G10 = adds $20
  • Blue/Black G10 = adds $30
  • Black/Tan G10 = adds $30
  • Arizona Desert Ironwood = adds $80
  • Arizona Desert Ironwood AAA Burl = adds $120
  • Sambar Stag = adds $195

Add $20 for G-10 liners (specify red, black, blue, green, white or yellow)

Sheath Options:

  • Kydex (pancake style) = included in Base Price
  • Upgrade to DropLoop Kydex = add $20
  • Upgrade to Leather pouch by Butch Hagedorn = add $25
  • Upgrade to Dual-Carry Leather Sheath by Butch Hagedorn  = add $45

*Add a Light My Fire Army Model Firesteel for $15
*Add a Firesteel loop for $10 (Kydex), $20 (Leather)
*Change to Black Leather = $20
*Add Tooling to Leather Sheath = $20


To see the current order list, look here: http://kosterknives.com/Bushcraft2012.htm


Photo Gallery:



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