Here are a few comments from customers:



Hi Dan,

Received my Bushcraft folder and leather sheath a few minutes ago. (It) is superbly constructed and looks like a real workhorse, so thanks very much for making such a great knife.

Andy S

Hey Dan,

I picked my folder up at the post office this morning… I didn’t think it was possible, but this knife is even better than I expected.


Tom J


Thanks for the update! Very excited to see the knife. My wife makes handmade jewelry and I know how it goes with a one man shop so no problem at all with the wait. I’m all paid up so let me know if you need anything else.




Thank you for the wonderful WSS knife I just received. The neck
design perfectly fits my needs for a knife that’s accessible while
wearing my backpack. I can either carry it on my neck or pants cargo
pocket when I have my pack on. In camp or at lunch it’s on my neck.
And at 4 ounces total I’ll carry it and leave the bigger knives at

Thanks again,

…Joe H




I just wanted to drop a note and say that I received the knife, and WOW. This is one awesome little blade. I am totally blown away. Thanks so much!




Hi, Daniel
I have received the knife (MUCK) , it’s really amazing , it’s perfect .
Now it’s my number one camp knife.
Thanks a lot for your beautiful work.

Didier D


Just received my custom MUCK today. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!
Definately worth the wait! Get to try it out on my camping trip in July.
Thanks Again


It was a real pleasure to meet you today. I love my new knife! I’m looking forward to putting it to use. Thank you so much for showing me the bushcraft folder prototype. I signed up for one tonight on your site. I truly appreciate your craft, and the fact you are a local artisan. Not to mention a nice guy! Thanks again.

– Jack P


I have a lot of knives by [***Name Withheld****] that have hot-spots on the handles and yours are the most comfortable I’ve ever held. The bushcraft is amazing, just amazing!

– Ryan L


I received my bushmaster today. holy crap what an awesome kinfe, wasn’t expecting to be a big as it is, but it was definitely a welcome surprise. i have a little arthritis in my right hand and the larger handled knives are much easier to grip, so this knife feels great in hand. the fit and finish are very good and the leather work looks great. im truly looking forward to putting the knife through its paces this winter and the coming years. thanks for the beautiful work!

– Patrick L.



I wanted to take a minute to let you know that my BushMaster arrived today. It is simply outstanding – a truly beautiful knife. Thank you for your dedication to knife making and your relentless pursuit of perfection. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Have a great Christmas,

– Allan Y


Hi Dan,

I had to write to let you know the knife just arrived last evening and it is magnificent!

I have never seen a Monster Nessie in person, let alone ever handled one, so I was a little anxious all
through our process that I would be satisfied and happy with the end result.

This is not the first time that I have ordered a knife without having a personal, intimate
knowledge of the knife that can really only come from handling it and using it.
Needless to say this is risky. Although my luck has been mostly very good, it’s not guaranteed.

But I had perfect luck with your Monster Nessie.
Every part of it was my idea of perfection in that design…. the grind lines, the fit and finish, the
beautiful ironwood handle (sized perfectly) and the exquisite balance, which made a big knife
seem so easy to handle and control. A winner in every category. BRAVO!!!! And thank you!


– Kerry G

ps. And I almost overlooked mentioning the great job on the sheath. It was a true high quality beauty.


Just received the MUCK. Beautiful knife! And I can’t believe how light it is for it’s size. I can already tell it’s going straight to the top of my equipment list. Wonderful workmanship, and I can’t believe my luck. Ha!
– Kevin F




Hi Daniel!

Just wanted to let you know that I have got the Bushcraft knife now. It is outstanding! By far the best Bushcraft I ever handled. I am from Sweden and grow up with Moras. Your Bushcraft seems to be an modern Mora. Love it!

– Ossian G,  Sweden

Hi Dan — received my Nessmuk today and it looks great, thanks!
The blade thickness is unbelievable, and yet it will still shave slices thin enough to see through. Can’t wait to use it on something that will actually test it.
Best regards,
– Karl


I really appreciate your quick responses and what I have seen of your work. I have ordered a Bushcraft and now an EDC. I am anxiously waiting by the post box. Thank you for all your help and for keeping me up to date with the progress via the order list link you sent out.

– Ryan E


Dan — MUCK #53 arrived and all I can say is wow. Your attention to detail on the Desert Ironwood scales is simply outstanding and it’s dressed in a very nice piece of leather, so it looks great. The pictures here do not do it justice.

At the same time, the blade’s profile and grind tell me it’s both a short chopper and a slicer, and feels great in the hand. It should do it all, definitely a keeper and a user to be proud of. Thanks much.

– Russ S


Got mine (MUCK) in the mail yesterday. It really is an awesome knife. The weight of it just feels so good in hand. You do great work, Dan. Looking forward to my Bushcraft now!

– J


I received my MUCK a few days ago and it is just amazingly well made. The grinds and scales are perfectly matched and even.  Very impressive!
I can’t wait to get out and use it!  Thanks Dan!

– Paul M


Everyone that I show my 5″ EDC is amazed by the styling and quality.  Even my wife who’s really against my steel habits said she really liked it.

– Frank E



I held your knife at Derrick’s retail store in Hillsboro and out of all the amazing product he has there yours was by far my favorite for multiple reasons. Looking forward to having one!  Keep up the good work and thanks again.

– Jonathan S



I just received my Scout knife from KSF. I just wanted to say I am very impressed with this little knife. I have purchased mostly **NAME OMITTED** knives (all very good), but they never did have “just the right feel” for me. The scout fit the bill perfectly.  I love the stone wash look of the steel and the size makes it a perfect tool for everyday use.  It feels lighter than other knives this size, yet rugged enough to trust. That said, I will be looking  forward to purchasing another Koster when the time comes.

If this scout is any indication of your craftsmanship, then the  “BarraKuda filet knife” looks interesting!

Good work!

– Jeff G


Hi Dan,

We just received the knife you made for my wife and she loves it!  I can’t thank you enough. The craftsmanship is second to none. Thanks again.

– Barry K



You seem to be in the right place between custom and production for my tastes, and it always good to support the one-man shops.  I’m also a long-distance motorcycle rider, and that community has a few products that you can only get from the one guy that makes them.  When the man and the product are so closely linked, I’ve always found quality.

– Sam K


Hi Dan,

What a great knife the MUCK is! It is so capable for it’s weight. I think you really came up with something special for those of us who spend time in the backcountry!

– Steve R


I have to tell you I got in on the original BushMaster a few years back on blade forums and that knife has exceeded performance wise everything I’ve asked of it. Please add my name to the list for 1 Bushcraft.

Thank you

– Peter F


Hi Dan,

The PSK is just awesome. Now just can’t wait for my Bushcraft and ShortNess.

Anyway, the reason I am emailing you this time around is after much thought and fiddling around with the PSK, I know now that I want a MUCK.

– Stanley T


Thank you Mr. Koster

I couldn’t wait till fall, I needed it for this summer and I bought one of your knives from another person who got it from you.
I know that maybe it’s not fair, but let me tell you, this is probably the best knife I’ve ever had.
Smart and sharp it is made to be used, and perfectly fits my hand and my tasks.
Really, I’d like to thank you for creating such a beautiful masterpiece and for making my outdoor activities a little more simple.
The reality meets the legend.
For my next one, I’ll be patient and will take it directly from you.
Greetings, and thanks again.

– Andrea R



A few months ago I sent you an email regarding your Bushmaster knife. I wanted to order one from you. I was about to buy a competitors knife when I thought, “what the heck, have another look at Knives Ship Free. To my surprise they had your Bushmaster in stock. I jumped on it, ordered, and received it along with the Sharpshooter sheath that KSF offers for your Bushmaster.

Man, am I glad I got your knife (and sheath)! It’s precisely what I hoped they would be!

I’ve been a serious outdoorsman all my life, have owned many high end knives, and consider your Bushmaster one of the very best there is.


– Christopher B


My scandi ShortNess is one of my favorite knives that I own despite the fact that I like full flat grinds much better.
I find the handle to be really comfortable and the blade shape perfect for many different tasks. I’m really happy that you brought
back the short version with a full flat. I anticipate that this will be my new favorite general use knife!

Thanks again.

– Gary B



Hope this finds you doing great.  I just ran across your site and saw the MUCK.  I said to myself, “finally, a master craftsman making the knife I have always wanted”.  The right steel, blade thickness, blade length, overall length, blade design, handle design, handle material, and available options.

– Steve G


Dan, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what I think about the Bushmaster that came yesterday.
I was completely caught off guard (in a good way) by the heft of the blade. It is full flat ground for great precision slicing but had enough “meat” on the spine for some hard core durability. I carved twelve figure four traps and got pics for a thread I will post this week and am doing some carving on a bow that I’m making from a red oak stave. The handle, after extended use, is very comfortable and the rough micarta has great traction. This knife seems to be the perfect balance of strength and delicateness. I feel like it could pull me through any outdoor emergency ordeal without concern of failure but at the same time it can easily and comfortably perform the food prep and bushcraft tasks that take up the majority of my knife work. I posted a pic on your forum of an arrow rest that I carved primarily with my Koster Bushcraft. I was given a set of white tail deer hooves today and will carve some bow nocks out of them with the Bushmaster and post pics on Monday. Until yesterday the Bushcraft was the only knife that was always on my belt at work. I have quite a few from other makers and usually have one or two in my backpack to play with during lunch but the Koster Bushcraft has been my outdoor EDC. I think that now, after five straight years of daily service, its gonna have to be in rotation with the Bushmaster. I also wanted to comment on the sheath. I have had a lot of Kydex sheaths over the years, factory and custom, and the one you sent with the Bushmaster is one of the best I have ever seen. I know how much work and experience goes into getting Kydex to fit well and still be easy to draw and return the knife and this one is spot on. I’ve thrown away most of the factory Kydex sheaths and bought custom replacements for them. I’ve even had custom makers from bladeforums send sheaths with knives I bought that rattled like crazy and still didn’t hold the knife securely and had to be replaced. Your Kydex is top notch!


– Kevin C