Second Life


Should I be expected to do this?

A customer asked me to regrind his Bushcraft knife for him. Not a newly purchased knife, but one from 2009 (5 yrs ago!) that he acquired second hand /aftermarket. Is this the kind of thing you expect to be covered under warranty?


OF COURSE I did it! And I did it for FREE and gave this ole beauty a fresh new LIFE. 😀

Some makers get tied up in concern about whether or not this kind of “cosmetic work” should be covered under warranty. This is not a warranty issue for me. Warranties are for product failure. This is about taking pride in your own work. It’s got my name on it – it reflects on me whether clean or dirty. If the customer wants to give their hard-used knife a refresher, no matter how big/small the job is…I’ll gladly do it on my dime.

I’ve reground handles and blades, put a new blasted finish on, fixed bent tips, and will even just resharpen a knife if that’s all you want. You cover the shipping, I’ll do the work for FREE.

It doesn’t happen often, but considering there are thousands of my knives out there, it’s not unusual for someone to call/email me and ask for a “new life” to be given to their blade.

Feel free to send it to me, any time, any day and I’ll gladly do it for FREE.

PSA, 8/26/14,