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More works in progress pics!

This is how I lay out my handles to cut on the bandsaw. Variety of handle materials here – G10, Micarta, Cocobolo, Ironwood.

BushMasters profiled after glue-up

Laying out the next batch of BushMasters for KnivesShipFree – Orange G10

Black Canvas Micarta

MUCK orders – blades heat-treated, ready to prep for glue-up

Bushcraft orders – variety of handle materials. The stuff “under wraps” is stag – I do that to keep it flat while waiting for glue-up.

BushMaster orders – handles cut, ready to start glue-up

Nessmuk blades in 3V, Scandi grind. Heat-treated, ready to prep for glue-up

Bushcraft blanks – heat-treated and tumbled. Ready to layout

Celilo blanks for BushcraftNorthwest – heat-treated and waiting for handle material to arrive from Masecraft.