Works in Progress – Bushcraft and ShortNess

I’m working on gluing up 2 sets of knives right now while others are in heat-treat, etc.




In each tray is 10 knives (mostly :D)

The orange dots are “priority” and “Paid-In-Full”.  Usually I would glue up all the knives at once.  But since there was a request by a number of customers that they get theirs before the New Year, I started those first – with permission, of course, from the others on the waiting list.

Here are the progress pics:

Bushcraft handles cut, drilled and fronts prefinished. Just need to do the counterbore for the corby bolts and they’re ready to glue up!


ShortNess handles cut and drilled – ready to do fronts.


Like I said, usually I do them all at once, but this time made an exception for the Holidays. Also, you’ll note that I haven’t finished marking the labels for the ShortNess orders. Just did the handles quick to get them going. There are 6 different steel/grind combinations for the blades here and it makes me double-triple-check everything to make sure I have it all exactly right. I have my list nearby and I’m constantly checking it.

If you’re interested in being added to the list – shoot me an email or fill out this form:

If you’re on the list already – congrats!!!

Thanks for reading!