New Leather Sheath Options for the MUCK knife

Have a look:

Pricing is as follows:

Basic Pouch sheath – will swap out at no extra cost.

Firesteel loop = adds $10

Square bottom, D-ring w/ Firesteel loop = adds $30

Square bottom w/ Firesteel loop & pouch = adds $50


These sheaths are made from thick, heavy leather (10-12 oz) with stout, sturdy hardware.  Built to last and be used daily without fail.

The pouch fits a Swiss Army Knife or a small sharpening stone.  I have a Victorinox Farmer in this one (can’t really see it in the pics) and it fits great with a little wiggle room.

For anyone that already has their MUCK and wants to order one directly – email me.  I don’t need your knife, I have a wood model to work from.


More info on the MUCK knife can be found here:


Thanks for looking!


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